How to use Amfora olive oil: Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes

Elea Di Lorenzo

These Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes are bursting with flavor, packed with healthful ingredients, and simple to make. These oven-baked sweet potato are loaded with a delicious mix of roasted chickpeas, a quick roasted bell pepper salad, and a delicious creamy lemon dressing.



Sweet Potatoes andTopping

·  3 medium sweetpotatoes

·  1 tablespoon extravirgin olive oil

·  Salt & pepper

·  1 cup choppedEnglish cucumber

·  1 cup chopped cherrytomatoes

·  1/4 cup finelychopped flat leaf Italian parsley

·  1/2 cup choppedroasted red pepper 

·  1/4 cup thinlysliced kalamata olives

·  2 tablespoonsfreshly squeezed lemon juice

·  1/4 cup feta cheese,optional


·  1 can chickpeas

·  2 tablespoons extravirgin olive oil

·  1/2 teaspoon EACH:ground cumin, chili powder

·  1/4 teaspoon cayenne


·  1/2 teaspoon mincedgarlic

·  1/2 tablespoon freshoregano, finely chopped

·  2 tablespoonsfreshly squeezed lemon juice

·  2 tablespoons extravirgin olive oil

·  2 tablespoons plainGreek yogurt

·  2 tablespoons fullfat regular mayo



We love Amfora because of the great quality, the access to artisanal production and respect for the ancestral heritage of the farmers

Yassine, Manager and Head Chef

Zaizai, Geneva

The quality and origin of our ingredients is key to our cuisine. Amfora gives us both. We get proximity to the farmers and impeccable service!

Les Fourneaux du Manège


Amfora c'est pour nous un signe de qualité. La sécurité d'avoir un produit frais, conditionné de manière optimal. La sécurité d'une culture seine et du respect des famille qui cultivent les olives.

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